Our Story

We are made up of two very large human men. Large in both size and appetites.

Brian Hill is an avid hunter, sayer of potentially offensive things, hater/lover of both his Cubs and his golf game depending on the day. Most importantly, he can play a guitar very well 
and loves the same kind of music as Will.

Will Petersen is an avid sitter, owns as little shirts with non-snap buttons as possible, hater.lover of both his Vikings and his golf game depending on the day. He sings with the voice God gave him. God was not totally into it that day, but, he tried. He also loves the same music as BHill.

They are acoustic duo partners and play in a golf league together. They hope they are better at this music thing. 

Oh, and they have kids and wives and stuff they love.

Want to enjoy the full glory of these John Goodman meets Merle Haggard like guys? Call 515-778-2908 or gravelroadremedy@gmail.com


BHill & WillP were lucky enough to play with many friends in a band called Fat Andy for most of the early 00s...the legacy lives on:

Buy Fat Andy's Motel Bottle Rocket  - Gravel Road Remedy still plays several of these tunes...proud of them to this day

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